Owners - Erik Rehg and Steve Stockman

Erik and Steve met while working at The Gardener's Gardener in the mid 90's where they worked for over four years. They ran the crews, maintained gardens, and installed new landscapes all over the metro. In late 1999, the owner decided to retire the business and Erik and Steve got together to form a new company - From The Ground Up, Inc. They have cared for some of their clients for over 20 years.

Steve Stockman - Steve went to Kansas State University to study Landscape Architecture and works with design of landscapes and gardens. He enjoys meeting new people and understanding their vision for a new space. He knows it's crucial to listen and strive to give the customer what they ask for like low maintenance, color, lots of interest, and long lasting. Design is important for a long term goal that can be implemented over time.

Erik Rehg - Erik is experienced in caring for some of our larger properties and all that goes with those properties whether it's working with a tree company on corrective pruning or lawn care companies for mowing or applications - all to take the worry off the customer. He's helped many customers with outdoor events from a graduation party to a 300 guest outdoor wedding. He gets to know the customer and they work out a game plan for the garden.

Kevin Corbin - Kevin Corbin is our main guy for new planting. He's been with us for over 9 years and loves his work. Kevin is excellent at managing and working with people and applies that skill towards the installations. And with an eye for detail, does quality work. He's a very likable person and enjoys client contact.

Brian Corbin - Brian Corbin has been with us for three years and counting. Brian mostly deals with garden maintenance and helps with the installations. He and Kevin are brothers and their love of plants comes from their mother who went through the Master Gardener program. He takes a great interest in the plants and keeps our customers gardens in good care.

Aaron Benzel - Aaron started working summers on school breaks. It was a good chance for him to make some money for school and he's been with us for over 6 years. He works with Erik on the lawn maintenance on the larger properties as well as garden care. He has also kept us in supply of summer help with his friends and their young, strong backs!